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How To Blur Zoom Background On Android, iPhone & Desktop

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How To Blur Zoom Background On Android, iPhone & DesktopUsers can hide their surroundings during video calls with the background blur tool from Zoom. How to enable it.

The blur background tool is useful for those who want to hide their surroundings while on a video call. A background blur feature is offered by the rival search engine, allowing users to apply a visual effect both before and during a call. On Meet, users have the option to either completely blur or slightly blur their background.

Before blur background became popular, users were offered another way to hide a messy room or personalize their calls. The ‘virtual background’ feature allows users to use an image or video of their choice as a background. Depending on the context, the image could be an office, a living room, a beach, or even an official background from popular movies and TV shows like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and more.

In situations where a virtual background isn’t suitable for a video call but a user still wants privacy, background blur is the next best thing. There is an option to blur the background during a meeting if you use the official Zoom desktop client. To enable background blur before a meeting, sign into the desktop app. Click on the profile icon at the top left and then on the settings. Select ‘Backgrounds & Filters’ and then click on the Blur option. The user can enter the meeting if the background is blurred. Click on the up arrow button next to the Start/Stop Video button to blur a background in a meeting. Click on ‘Blur My Background’ to enable the effect.

Privacy can be maintained with background blur.

Users can blur their background on the apps. The feature can only be enabled when the user joins a meeting. The’More’ button is located at the bottom of the navigation bar once the meeting has started. If you’re using the iPhone app, tap on ‘Backgrounds and Filters’ and if you’re using the Android app, tap on ‘Virtual Background’. Click on the option that says ‘Blur’. The background blur will be used in all future meetings once it is enabled. If users want to turn blur off again, they need to go back to the background settings of the zoom client.

If the blur background option isn’t working, users will need to check if they are using a compatible version of the app. To use the feature, the desktop client and mobile app need to be version 5.8.0 or higher. If you’re using an older version of the app, try again.

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