Was it UAPTF director John F. Stratton who communicated with SWR researcher Ryan Skinner?


Ryan Skinner On 27 February 2022, on Twitter; U.S. Skinwalker Ranch researcher Ryan Skinner. posted a tweet, which included a statement that he had once communicated with a Naval officer. A subsequent discussion suggested that the individual he was in […]

Ryan Skinner

On 27 February 2022, on Twitter; U.S. Skinwalker Ranch researcher Ryan Skinner. posted a tweet, which included a statement that he had once communicated with a Naval officer. A subsequent discussion suggested that the individual he was in touch with, was actually John F. Stratton, at one time the director of the U.S. Navy’s UAP Task Force. Ryan also posted two images, of the individual whom he had communicated with. Other UAP researchers arrived at the opinion that it might indeed be Stratton.,%20J.pdf

In due course, I followed this up with Ryan, over a number of direct messages on Twitter. He answered a series of questions, concerning the individual whom Ryan came to believe was, in fact, Stratton. I wish to place our correspondence, with Ryan’s consent, on the record; as, as far as I know, Ryan is the only civilian UAP researcher who believes they have communicated directly with Stratton.

As you will see from these questions and answers, Ryan is recalling the communications from memory, so his recollections must be tempered with this fact. So, for what it is worth, here are the questions and answers.


Q1. Did Stratton confirm that he worked with Lacatski at the DIA’s Defense Warning Office?

Q2. Yes he did. He said he had a tremendous amount of respect for Lacatski and would never out him if asked. He absolutely knew Lacatski and spoke extremely complimentary of him. Sounded to me as if they were more friends than work associates.

Thank you for your faith in me that I have spoken with him. We have been speaking since 2008. But the guy is clever, he used these encrypted social media platforms to communicate then erased all of our communications, none of it is archived. I might have some of the extremely light communications on FB but I think he recently blocked me once I posted his picture on Twitter (Someone must have told him.) Communicating since 2016 (NOT 2008.)

First contact

Q2. May I next ask how you came across Stratton? That is, how did you come to first communicate with him?

A2. This is an excellent question. I believe he possibly wrote me first on the Skinwalker Facebook page or privately emailed me. Frankly, I don’t remember how I connected with him. I am extremely astute to random people making comments on my boards that give the impression that they know more than the average visitor. Something about him dramatically stood out to me as a possible BAASS guard that I had not spoken to. I was the first to reveal Marx, ‘Chip” and a few others. However. “Jay” was on a much deeper level than even I anticipated.

He shared a lot, the problem is we spoke over encrypted messages, took forever to set up, very cloak and dagger. Then he deleted, or the program deleted our archived messages, so I am unfortunately going on memory at this point.

First topics

Q3. When you spoke to him in 2016, which is before the 2017 NYT article, what topics did you initially cover? 

Q4. Did he give you his real name?

Q5. Did he say why he wanted to talk to you?

A3-5. It must have been after 2016, I’m sorry Keith, I just want to be accurate. I remember the article HAD come out when we were speaking and I referred to Lue many times. It must have been 2017 as I did not know about Lue prior to the NYT article.

Regardless, no he never gave me his real name and refused to identitfy himslf othen than an ex-naval officer who worked with Lue and Bigelow. Pretty sure he told me he lived in Washington, had a wife and kids.

It was me more reaching out to him than him reaching out to me. I guess he was mortified about going public, he did NOT want the publicity. (I offered him it multiple times, he had ZERO interest.) Actually he seemed paranoid for his life and for Lue’s when this first came out. He was also afraid his name would be mentioned in public congressional hearings.

So, to answer the questions. He did not give me his name, nor photo. Through digging on his profile, I found the pictures that I have posted to twitter and made the connection.

Also, what toppcs did we talk about? Mostly Bigelow/BAASS/Lue/publicity. A LOT of talk about remote viewing, foreign adversaries, and Skinwalker ranch.

View on the phenomena

Q6. Did Stratton offer you his personal viewpoint on the phenomena What was his take on it?

A6. Sounded like the majority of what they were dealing with was foreign intel agents using remote viewing and other PSI like techniques. Mentioned seeing some very strange things in select military tunnels underground and then somehow confirming it was the (Russians?) and not aliens. For whatever reason I can’t remember if he said it was all “aliens.” I just know that a large part of their study was on the techniques and advances noticed by foreign human military adversaries.

It’s strange, I’m drawing a complete blank trying to remember perhaps literally the most important details, is it ALIEN? or what? I think from what I remmber they were baffled themselves, maybe that’s why I don’t have a clear answer. He may never have given me one. Ohh, I’m starting to remember, I think he said something about the “Greys.” I apologise I had no idea our conversation would have the impact it would years later. Keith, I talk to so many kooks out there, I want to hear all their stories. 99% of them I file and forget. It’s this 1% like Stratton that I really should have been taking screen shots of every word.

I think I was sceptical about who he claimed to be. I was less interested in his claims and more interested in vetting him at the time. He did send me a picture of the inside of Bigelow’s jet.

Role at BAASS

Q7. Did Stratton ever talk about his role he played with BAASS? If so, what was his role?

A7. He told me he had a role similar to Elizondo’s however they did not directly work together and that Elizondo came on board later. It sounded like he had a tremendous respect for Dr. Lacatski and worked with him. I am trying my hardest not to intermix what I now know to be true, versus what Stratton told me in our conversations.

He said something about something happening to him, He said he would have some sort of information in a locker and gave me some odd code for it. Said the same thing could happen to Lue (for the life of me I wish I saved that conversation.) So to answer your question, no I never got an official title out of him, other than he was working on the BAASS side and he made it sound like Lue was an underling and newcomer relative to his role. He never gave me a job title nor who he reports to. I just got the clear impression he was one of several people. (I think he did say there were others whose names are NOT public who were running the …………..

Now this memory just popped up and I can’t tell if it was influenced by what I know now, but I thought he said something about a UFO recovery team. You know what else I just realized? I spoke about Jay years ago on Twitter and no one believed me. I think I also mentioned him on my Facebook group. That information was FRESH, basically the same year we were in contact. As with all my contacts, which later prove to be valid, no one ever seems to believe me or the importance of what I am sharing at the time, sorry for a long winded answer.

One of the most interesting people I interviewed in person was a real life MIB who worked for BAASS. My wife and I interviewed him in Vegas. Fascinating story that you will never read in any of Knapp’s censored books. 


Q8. What were his views on SWR? What did he think was going on there?

A8. Regarding Skinwalker Ranch I do NOT remember getting any definitive answer on what is going on there. I believe they themselves never came to a conclusion. However, I do remember asking him about the balls of light that are commonly seen. (I have seen them on multiple occasions.) He felt they could be attributed to foreign (human) remote viewers looking into the property. The more I talk about this the more I remember. I guess he did talk a lot about the “greys.” Basically the “Greys” and these trained remote viewers that both US and (I believe it was Russia or was it China) have. He said when they employ these special techniques they will manifest as these balls of light. I remember asking if other alien phenotypes were at the Ranch and other areas they are researching and all he would say is that there is basically only the greys that he is aware of. Greys and human intel agencies employing extremely advanced tech. He never mentioned anything about metamaterials. (I really should have asked.) Though he said something about UFO recovery teams, but that could be a false memory in my head from what I know now, and I want to stay as true and accurate to the verbatim discussions we had as possible. 

Q9. Did he ever mention Chinese and/or Russian research? If so, what?

A9. I thought he said Russian research. I do not remember Chinese and do not want my own biases to interject into my answer to you. I personally believe the Chinese have a large role in surveillance of the Ranch, even Knapp has hinted at this on MULTIPLE occasions subtly. He knows. I have spoken  to several neighbours around the Ranch who also talk about some “government type agents.” and the common theme is that an Asian man is typically with them as they are interviewing the locals about strange events they have witnessed. This man also prodiuces some extremely impossible evidence to validate the witnesses’ claims, such as detailed satellite photographs of the event as if happened days prior. The theme of the Asian man as one of the “MIB” types is common among the witnesses. I have interviewed, or read internal BAASS transcripts from over the years. However, Stratton I believed only spoke about a Russian UAP program. 

In conclusion

That concludes the questions and answers. I emailed Stratton via his current employer, Radiance Technologies; and also attempted to contact him via his Facebook page, to ask him if this truely was he, who was communicating with Ryan? As at the date of publishing this blog post, I have not received a response. If any blog reader is in touch with Stratton, I would appreciate them drawing his attention to this post and asking for his comments.


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