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The Top 10 Zoom Integrations for Team Collaboration

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The Top 10 Zoom Integrations for Team CollaborationAmong the world’s leading video communication and collaboration software tools is Zoom. It is one of the top five most popular apps in the world and the fastest growing app in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s success is due to the availability of third-party integrations. Users can access zoom data from any tool with these integrations.

There are a variety of business needs that can be met with an extensive integration marketplace from financial services to education. Users can collaborate with their teams no matter where they are, thanks to its integrations for collaboration.

In no particular order, the top 10 collaboration aids from the integration marketplace should be used by teams.

There is a workspace of the internet company, Google.

The full suite of Google Workspace apps include Gmail and Google Calendar. The integration allows users to schedule meetings from the Calendar app in one click. Users can automatically generate meeting details based on attendee list, email subjects, and attachments if they use it.

There is a group of people called the Slack.

One of the world’s leading collaboration tools, Slack, has an integration that brings Zoom calls into channels and direct messages. The complete meeting experience can now be run inside of Slack. Users can use the command or add a button to use the integration. The integration allows one-click actions to start meetings, join an existing discussion, and initiate a phone call.

Microsoft teams.

Microsoft has a collaboration platform called Teams that has video calling and conferencing capabilities. If you are a zoom user, you can conduct teams calls via zoom instead of using the native platform. Users can mention the integration to get a list of options. Attendees can join meetings, receive notifications, and make phone calls with it. The integration will allow for a dial-pad in Teams for those with a Zoom Phone license.

There is a space called Dropbox Spaces.

The average integration is not as good as the Dropbox Spaces app provides. Users can access the app while conducting meetings, and the app will show up on the right side of the screen, side by side with the ongoing call. The app allows users to take notes in real-time, assign action items, and link in-meeting communication with existing projects. You will be able to retrieve all the information after the meeting ends.


Monday.com is a collaborative task management platform that makes it easier to track projects, assign action items, share files, and get a high-level view of team progress. Teams can connect the video conferencing platform with their Monday.com account to centrally store all their information. Users can link video calls with specific tasks and board items, and once a meeting ends, users can insert insights, files, and information from the zoom call into a Monday task.

Asana is an app.

Monday.com is a task and project management platform that drives collaboration. The real-time app that appears side by side on the right side of the screen lets you create Asana tasks directly from a zoom call. After the call, the integration will automatically fetch call recordings and transcripts from Zoom and store them in the linked Asana account. This makes it possible for future use of the conversations.


Five9 is used by teams in contact centers. The integration between Five9’s contact center solutions and Zoom’s UC capabilities is being built by the two companies. Five9 agents can now communicate with their coworkers in the middle of customer interactions. Coworker availability will be visible in real-time, and agents can initiate a one-click call using the zoom integration. The feature allows expert support for contact center agents.


Polly has live polling capabilities that can be used in video calls. Users will open the Polly app with their video call and access polling functions once they have installed it. This can be useful for introducing new employees, gathering feedback, and conducting quality assurance sessions. Users can schedule surveys ahead of time with the new integration feature.

The board is called the Lucidspark Whiteboard.

Users can use a digital whiteboard on the platform. The integration lets users share their boards with meeting attendees. All attendees will have access to the board’s contents, add their ideas, rearrange board elements, and share feedback without closing their Zoom window once the board is shared.

One can use the boards to start the sessions for smaller groups.

It’s a list of things to do.

Asana and Monday.com are board-based task and project management apps. It operates through a Trello chatbot, which is slightly different to its Zoom integration. Users can ask the bot to do everyday tasks from the zoom interface. The integration links a specific board to a chat channel so that chat participants can add cards, make comments, and view board details from Zoom.

The marketplace has hundreds of collaboration enablers covering tools like Dialpad, Box, ClickUp, and several other solutions. The integrations are free if you have a Zoom account and a subscription for the relevant collaboration tool.

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