Skinwalker Ranch – Summary available of interesting events there between 2007 – 2012


Security personnel Back in 2019 and 2020, in a series  of blog posts, I detailed some of the incidents reported by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) security personnel Christopher Bartel and Chris Marx, which occurred at the Robert Bigelow […]

Security personnel

Back in 2019 and 2020, in a series  of blog posts, I detailed some of the incidents reported by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) security personnel Christopher Bartel and Chris Marx, which occurred at the Robert Bigelow owned “Skinwalker Ranch” in Utah, USA. These posts were:

1. 25 September 2019 – “Skinwalker Ranch 2010-2016.”

2. 6 October 2019 – “Skinwalker Ranch – a second BAASS employee speaks out.”

3. 21 January 2020 – “AAWSAP/AATIP: MRI brain scans and Skinwalker Ranch.”

It was therefore, with great interest to me that one of the documents available on the new website, found under the “files” tab; “Incident database Summaries” folder is a PDF titled “Skinwalker Ranch Summaries.” The actual document is titled “Utah Ranch Events: September 2007 to Present.” It is shown as version 6 – dated April 6, 2012. It is 26 pages in length.

First section

The initial section of the document, records events dated between 1 September 2007 and 3 August 2009. Bear in mind, that according to the 2021 book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon,” Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) scientist James T. Lacatski visited the Ranch on 26 July 2007, and that the DIA’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) contract, undertaken by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) commenced in September 2008.

Each event summarised, has the date of the occurrence listed, followed by a paragraph describing what happened. The names of the BAASS security personnel, which is what the document is about, have not been redacted from this document.

In summary, the paper states that the events described can be categorised as:

“* Sense or perceived presence

* perceptions of being watched

* observations of paranormal events

* perception of emotional distress

* observations of unidentified flying objects.”

Second section

The second portion of the paper, is a record of events between 3 August 2009 to 6 April 2012. This August date is the time from which BAASS security personnel commenced security duties for the Ranch. I do not attend to reproduce the 26 page list of events, but will instead leave the reader to go to the Phenomainon. Com website for themselves and read the entire document. I will however, pull out some part of events which were of note to me.

“August 4, 2009

Between 1.15 am and 1.30am, Eickenhorst and a government representative observed a white light moving with a five to ten feet area of a tree located 300 to 500 yards from the trailer of Homestead 1. The light went out one minute after first observation.”

Comment: What “…government representative..”?

“October 9, 2009

At 10.00pm just east of Homestead 1, Slanoc and Knapp noticed a significant temperature drop…Knapp observed an orb fly in between Slanoc and himself…”

Comment: While there are several entries mentioning an individual named “Knapp,” one should not, as some researchers have done, automatically assume that this “Knapp” is Las Vegas journalist George Knapp. I reached out to one of the BAASS security personnel mentioned in the report, and asked them if “Knapp” was George Knapp? Their reply was “Definitely not George Knapp.” 

“April 29, 2011

During late afternoon Mr Bigelow, Dr Kelleher and Eickenhorst scouted the mesa/valley area…”

Comment: Mr Biglow would be Robert Bigelow, and Dr Kelleher, Colm Kelleher; the administrator and deputy administrator of BAASS respectively.

“December 15, 2011

At 6.30pm while observing from the back deck of the Homestead 1 trailer, Huffman observed several (estimated 8-10) small, white light sources…”

Comment: This may well be Loran Huffman, who was BAASS Director of Investigations and Security.


The document provides a wealth of names of individuals who worked for BAASS, and who visited/worked at the Ranch. I counted four different individual security personnel from the Bigelow Aerospace era, and 14 different security personnel from the BAASS era. Chris Marx and Christopher Bartel are referenced multiple times in the document. 

During earlier research into BAASS, I had compiled a spreadsheet of known 36 BAASS personnel, in both security and other roles; which included the names of 10 BAASS security personnel; 6 of whom were mentioned in the report.


Appendix 1 to the 2021 book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” by James Lacatski et al, listed 107 Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs); monthly reports; project management plan addendum reports etc. One of these non-DIRD reports was titled “Utah Ranch Events: 1 September 2007 – 2 April 2012,” and was listed as 26 pages in length.

This is most likely the 26 page document mentioned above and found on the website. If so, this website document would be the first of the non-DIRD BAASS, AAWSAP DIA documents to be made available for study. The DIA who contracted BAASS to undertake the AAWSAP contract, has never publicly released any of these Lacatski listed non-DIRD items; nor has BAASS ever released any of them. BAASS reportedly finished the project in December 2010; but is rumoured to have continued it on a self-financed basis for another year. However, a check with the business entity area of the Nevada State Secretary’s website, reveals that BAASS is still listed as “active” even if in name only.


One question which arises, is how the CAPELLA database material, and the 74 BAASS files (which are locked off even from subscribers) plus the “Utah Ranch Events” PDF, have been made available to Joe Schurman’s team? Schurman being the main driver behind the new website.

Wherever the trail leads, it looks like we are finally closer to all being able to see some, if not all, of the documents resulting from the DIA AAWSAP BAASS project.


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