Neutral Third-Party List of Virtual Meeting Platforms like Zoom and Meetn

The proliferation of online meeting solutions and video conferencing tools has made it easier than ever to connect with colleagues online. But how do you choose the right platform for your next meeting or video call?

Here at Outside the Limit, we try to provide a neutral third-party view of different online meeting solutions. From the obvious platforms like Skype and Zoom, to less-known offerings like Meetn.com.

Zoom is great, but it’s not for everyone.

When you’re collaborating on a project with your team, you’ve got to have a video meeting solution that’s reliable and doesn’t break the bank. You need something that supports group video meetings with HD video and audio, and gives everyone a high quality experience. For a lot of people, the ideal solution is Zoom. But it’s not the only option, by a long shot. There are other platforms like Meetn, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

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