Mining the “phenomainon” BAASS database for information on those DIA AAWSAP documents


Skinwalkers at the Pentagon One of the items listed in appendix 1, to the 2021 book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” by James T. Lacatski et al, was a report titled “#4 BAASS Project Management Plan Addendum Report: Paranormal Activity – […]

Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

One of the items listed in appendix 1, to the 2021 book “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” by James T. Lacatski et al, was a report titled “#4 BAASS Project Management Plan Addendum Report: Paranormal Activity – Tennyson, IN.” BAASS 12/3-18/3/10. 174 pages in length. This document is one of the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) documents, which BAASS sent to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA.) We have no access to the original 174 page document, because neither the DIA nor BAASS has released a copy.  

BAASS database

However, we can get a taste of what the investigation was looking into, from the BAASS database on the website (although as at 12 May 2022, the website seems to have removed the BAASS database from the site.) When the database site was up and running, I simply typed “Tennyson” in to the search engine, and up came 11 separate BAASS reports. Here are the relevant details.


1. 14 March 2010

A plastic toy flew through the air and landed at the second floor landing. Even though object was seen to be shortly after Kyle walked upstairs alone. And was seen turning to the right at the top of the stairs to sit in a family room. He denied having anything to do with the toy.

2. 7 March 2010

Benjamin felt as if someone had grabbed his leg and with great force pulled him off the couch leaving red marks on his leg. Physiological effect: Benjamin ‘flew’ off the couch and landed several feet from the couch.

3. 6 March 2010

The entity pulled a 14 year old nephew off the couch leaving marks on the boy’s legs.

4. 28 February 2010

The entity took two butcher knives to the second floor of the house and chopped into a wall. Every time it does stuff it’s when the two boys are around. It seems to hang around the boys, and if the boys come downstairs it will come downstairs. If they go upstairs it will go back upstairs. It talks to everyone in the house. Often addressing them by their names.

5. 28 February 2010

Car keys went missing. Appeared to be floating in the air and held up by a sock puppet. On 2-28-10 they were looking for Nancy’s car keys but could not find them. They heard a jiggling sound and saw the keys floating in the air at the top of the stairs. Nancy saw its hands at that time. She got her camera and it had one of its hands in a sock and kept poking it out past the wall. They could see the sock expanding as if it was opening and closing its hand. At one time it stuck its finger up in the sock as if giving them the ‘bird.’

6. 28 February 2010

It had used lipstick to write filthy things on the mirror.

7. 1 December 2009

As she walked into a room she felt a feeling of extreme ‘sadness’ and ‘helplessness’ and began weeping. She exited the room and the feelings stopped. A short time later she went to the upstairs bedroom. Felt the same feelings and weeping occurred. After she saw the clear ball move she panicked and ran downstairs. Orb/clear ball (like a soap bubble.)

8. 1 May 2009

Charles Stout Sr was mowing his grass utilizing his riding lawn mower. As is his custom, his 6 year old grandaughter Charly was sitting on his lap. Charly began to complain that someone was poking her back and pulling her hair. Stout put his hand on Charly’s back. And he could feel pressure, although he could not see anything that could have caused the pressure. At the same time he could feel something pinching his arm as if trying to remove his hand from Charly’s back.

9. 1 December 2008

A ball of light, a bright yellowish white, passed through a solid glass patio door next to Charly’s chair. Flew in an easterly direction and arrived at the main front door at the same time as Zoiss. Zoiss was unable to budge the door and stated that it seemed as if the door was nailed directly to the wall. As there was no give at all when he shook the door. He called for assistance from Bacon who was subsequently able to open the door in a normal manner.

10. Unknown date

Entity communicated with them by typing messages on the television set, and vandilizing property. When it first started to communicated through the television, they at first thought it was their son Charles Jr. He asked it why it took so long for him (Jr) to communicate with them and he said it was because he didn’t know how. As time went on they realized it wasn’t their son and asked it who it was. It indicated that his name was Bob Horn. They now call it I.T. Stout said that I.T. seems to act like a teenager.

11. Unknown date

One night witness felt as though someone or something was holding him (Charles Jr) down on his bed. Nancy Clutter, Charles Jr’s sister stated Charles Jr had red marks on his chest the morning of the event.


1. The 174 page Lacatski referenced document, appears to be a report of the BAASS investigation of a family living in Tennyson, Indiana, from an investigation conducted between 12-18 March 2010.

2. Why were these incidents of interest to BAASS? Well, from all accounts, the Bigelow run National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) and BAASS, undertook investigations into both UAP and paranormal phenomena.

3. From a paranormal perspective, the series of 11 incidents descibed above, would seem to fit into the category of a poltergiest case. From the 2021 Lacatski book, we learn that BAASS undertook investigations into strange paranormal goings on at the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah; in the adjacent areas around that Ranch and in other parts of the US and Canada. 

4. It should also be noted that “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon” heavily featured, what the authors called the “Hitchhiker effect.” People would visit the Ranch and seemed to take “something” home with them, even if they lived a long way away from the Ranch. Many of the effects described in the book, connected to the ‘hitchhiker effect’ were poltergeist like in nature. 

5. A search for “Charles Stout Sr” located an obituary where individuals named, matched those in the above incidents. 


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