Meetn Review: How does the Meetn online meeting platform compare?

The pandemic is not going away anytime soon. As the world struggles with the pandemic work from home has become the norm. Colleagues who once used to exchange their thoughts within the same office space are now compelled to turn to the internet for conducting all those important business meeting and conferences. In such a situation, what the virtual office needs is a solution that can help them conduct those meeting in a seamless and efficient manner.

If you’re a professional who has had to endure issues like poor connectivity and below-par video and audio quality, why not give Meetn a try? It’s an new online meeting platform that does what every other online video meeting app claims they can do, but only better.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Meetn stand out from the rest of the crowd:

• High-quality audio and video: No matter how well you dress for that all-important online meeting, it won’t be of any use if you don’t look and sound professional. However, Meetn ensures the highest quality of audio and video at all times.

• Level the playing field for phone callers: Some apps have a high-handed approach towards phone callers, prioritizing only the ones who are attending the meeting via video. However, Meetn ensures that all participants can participate on a level playing field. So even if you attend a meeting on Meetn through voice only, you’ll be as present and as participative as any of the other attendees.

• Accessibility from all platforms: Some prefer Windows, some prefer Android, and others prefer Mac. Whatever your tastes and preferences are you can attend a meeting on Meetn from virtually anywhere you want.

Sure, this Meetn review may seem a bit biased, but that’s the only testament to how good the platform really is! You can give Meetn a free trial to test out the waters. I haven’t been disappointed.

Have you tried Meetn yet? If so, leave a comment to share your experience. We’d love to hear from other users.

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