Chat Message Between Two Colleagues (Zoom vs Meetn)

We were made aware of these two brief chat sessions between two office workers. We assume they occurred on different days, and we also assume the chat wasn’t transcribed verbatim. 🙂

Matthew: Hey Simon, I’ve been using Meetn for a few months, and I really like it!
Simon: Really, I’m still using Zoom. The Zoom UI is easier to use, and I’m still on a free plan which is nice.
Matthew: I think you’d like Meetn if you gave it a shot.

Matthew: So you wanna use Meetn as your virtual meeting platform?
Simon: Not sure. I want a platform that is easy to use. I don’t want to wait for a free webinar. I have many people to reach.
Matthew: I tried to use Zoom. But the audio and video were terrible.
Simon: Tell you what. I’ll give it a test drive. If Meetn works well, i’ll be your partner.
Matthew: You got it.

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