Account of an 1986 abduction in Adelaide, South Australia


Synchronicity “Synchronicity” is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related, but in fact have no discernible causal connection. These type of events rarely happen to me, but one occurred in the last few days. As part […]


“Synchronicity” is defined as the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related, but in fact have no discernible causal connection. These type of events rarely happen to me, but one occurred in the last few days.

As part of a long-term research project,  I have recently been quietly communicating with a small number of abduction experiencers in the USA. I haven’t studied this topic in any detail, since the mid 2000’s. As part of the research project, I re-read Budd Hopkins’ book “Intruders.” One of the sections of the Hopkins’ book speaks to accounts of men, who experience abductions with a sexual aspect.

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Within two days of reading the book, out of the blue, I received an email from a man who related an intimate encounter, in 1986, in my home town of Adelaide. I will call him “Jim” for the purposes of relaying the details of what he told me. The sighting which Jim refers to in the opening of his email, is to be found in a 2005 catalogue of South Australia sightings on the Project 1947 website. The scant details of which I was aware at the time are:

2 May 1986, Adelaide, SA. Witnesses at the top of Kensington Road (Aldana) saw a low, slow moving white light going south of Adelaide and heading downwards. (Source: Darryl Tiggeman of Adelaide, 2004.)

Jim’s account

I can shed some possible light with regards to the sighting by witnesses at the top of Kensington Road  (Aldana) back on May 2, 1986. I commenced my security night shift on the Thursday night 1st of May, 1986 just before midnight at the ETSA Building situated on Greenhill Road, Eastwood which are now high rise residential apartments. I worked for MSS back in the 1980’s. I commenced my first routine foot patrol of the entire building and outside grounds both external and internal shortly after midnight.

Around 0115 hours I needed to have a short power nap as I had been working long hours through the same week prior to commencing this night shift. I lay on top of the single bed in the sick bay room situated on the 1st floor which was a small room with only a single bed and a small table at the side of the bed. I had a maglite torch, the building keys and a Motorola HT440 two way radio to call the MSS 24/7 Control room at half past the hour every hour. (From 20minutes past the hour to 20 minutes to the hour.)
At approximately 0120 hrs now Friday 2nd of May I placed my routine call to the control room (Base 3.) The ETSA Eastwood Guard Post call sign was Tango 35. After putting in my routine call I lay on top of the single bed in my uniform and I listened to the other guards and patrolmen placing their routine calls.
At approximately 0130 hrs whilst I lay on top of the bed I heard a humming sound and I became paralyzed commencing first at my toes and feet working up my legs, then my torso and head. I could not move or talk and then I felt a dull prodding in my right hand side lower leg and upper thigh area then I began to levitate off the bed and I was being pulled through the wall behind the bed and upwards.
Next I recall laying on a cold metal table surrounded by beings who I would describe as typical greys with large oval shape heads with big black eyes, small nose and a slit mouth as well as long thin arms etc. The room was very brightly lit. I recall the being who stood behind me telepathically saying we will not harm you, you will be okay ( not the exact word however words to that effect.) There was about 3 to 4 of these aforementioned beings surrounding me were they performed some types of medical procedures on me. I must say that I was feeling very uneasy at the time and I was not a person who scared easily and the dark did not worry me when I was working as a static guard and patrolman back then on my own. The medical procedures were very painful.
Once they had finished their medical procedures on me the next thing that I remember was being in a small room seated and there was something happening to my genital region then I recall another being a female sitting astride of me until I ejaculated inside her and I do recall that there was no pleasure felt and it was cold and clinical. I was then taken to another area inside the space craft / flying saucer were I did observe two (2) small beings / greys wearing one piece jump suits sitting at the controls of the space ship, they glanced at me for a few seconds.
In this same area there was a male person who appeared to be a human being of average height and build approximately 40 to 50 years of age wearing a coat. He pointed to a wall inside the space craft and then a large tv like screen appeared and I was shown a terrible future catastrophic event here on our earth and possibly not too far away from our current time. now.
I do recall seeing the surface of the earth on fire, it looked liked molten lava, I could hear people below screaming in fear and crying and voices saying why have you done this and I was told by the male human being in appearance wearing the coat standing next to me that man or mankind does not learn. I also did see several high mushroom clouds on the large tv screen and mention of nuclear. It was very disturbing to watch and listen to.
The same male person wearing the coat said when or near to this time they would come back for me again and others and that we will assist in helping people to escape or evacuate to safety from this same catastrophic event were we calm the same people and help them to board the space craft were we will be taken to a safe location or another planet etc. I do recall being told a date when this catastrophic event will happen on earth, it may have been 2025 or 2026 or around those dates.
I then said to the male wearing the coat I need to go now and he said okay or words to that effect and then a being escorted me down a corridor off the main control room to a door were I stood then the next thing is I am back in the sick bay room laying on my back on the bed. I then got off the bed, I picked up the building keys, two way radio and maglite torch which I shone inside the room and there was no one else in the room.
I walked outside the room and then one of the control room operators called me  and I immediately answered his call and he and his fellow control room operator were both very concerned about my safety and welfare. I had a look at my wrist watch and it was almost 0430 hrs so I had experienced 3 hours of missing time. Next the Guards Inspector turned up on the ground floor and I opened the front main entrance door to let him in.
He was not too impressed as I had to try and explain the reason as to why I did not put in my routine calls at 0230 hrs and 0330 hrs. I could not tell him about my alien abduction encounter for obvious reasons. He was also genuinely concerned about my safety and welfare, I made him a cup of coffee and he more or less believed the reason for not putting in those two aforesaid routine calls, I said the battery on the two way radio must have been flat and he could see the log book had not been filled in since the commencement of my night shift anyway I did not lose my job and he was okay with me.
In conclusion was the slow moving white light seen over Adelaide by the witnesses at the top of Kensington Road Aldana or heading south over Adelaide CBD ? and going downwards the same ufo that I was abducted in? I would say yes as the time, location and date probably coincided with my alien abduction Also bearing in mind back then Adelaide had a much smaller population and on weeknights the main roads were very quiet after 2300 hrs not like they are today. Eastwood is very close to the Adelaide CBD and across the road from the Victoria Park Race Course.
I recall the outside weather on that night / early morning hours to be partly cloudy, cold, some wind and with a few passing showers and I was wearing my winter issue uniform including a bomber jacket. I did not sleep on my back in bed for many years after that incident.
Over time I did tell a few people / friends who believed me. So Keith my aforementioned experience may shed some light on what those witnesses had seen on that same night / early morning. I was going to report this incident years ago. I was one month short of my 30th birthday when this happened. I will be 66 next month in late June and I am RH negative for your information.
Another experience
About 1 to 2 weeks prior to the ETSA Eastwood alien abduction I experienced a few strange experiences 2 nights in row whilst I was working at the ETSA Dry Creek Power Station as an MSS security guard. I was sitting inside the ETSA day workers lunch room being a long Atco site hut, this was at approximately between 0200 hrs to 0300 hrs in the early morning hours in mid to late April, 1986. I was sitting in a chair inside the aforesaid site hut near a west facing window and I heard a humming sound and I could feel my body being lifted from the chair and being pulled towards the window, I strongly resisted and this happened again around the same time on the next night shift. 
To the best of my knowledge on those two nights I was not abducted, in hindsight I would say it was two attempted alien abductions.I stayed inside the hut for about 5 minutes after both aforementioned incidents and I then went outside on a routine foot patrol looking around at ground level and up into the sky and I could not see any ufo’s etc. I felt a bit uneasy however not scared. It was a very isolated industrial location back then with no nearby houses.
UFO sightings
I have seen numerous ufo’s since my childhood and I believe that I was abducted when I was a young boy although I don’t have any real detailed memory that far back in time. I do recall when I was about 11 or 12 years of age sitting in my neighbours back yard at Somerton with my mother and her friend I did see a ufo on a hot summers night flying low over Brighton Road, the object was silent and moving slow and heading south and that was way back in 1967/68.
I had a strange white light follow me home one night at Somerton when I was about 13 or 14 as I was walking along Salisbury Street on my own near Sacred Heart College my former old school and the white light was about 200 feet above me with no sound.
I have had many dreams of ufo’s and meeting aliens in the same dreams since I was a young boy. I also did a lot of astral travel when I was young boy and also as an adult.
In 1967 my family and I visited my grandparents most Sundays and they were living at Renown Park in Adelaide back then and on this particular Sunday before lunch time I went for a walk on my own to watch the trains at nearby Dudley Park.
I recall climbing up a tree near the railway line near the corners of Pym Street and Exeter Terrace and just before I climbed the same tree there was 3 to 4 humanoid beings in what appeared to be wearing white space suits with a helmet and black screen and they did not walk they floated or hovered off the ground about 4 to 6 inches, they had what appeared to be metal detectors, there was a small space craft about 20 feet in diameter sitting on legs with an open door and a ladder or steps.
They along with their space craft was situated behind a perimeter fence which was the Bex factory back then. They looked at me for several seconds and then continued to float around. I was only mildly scared. I then climbed the tree and I think one or two trains passed and I climbed back down the tree and walked back to my grandparents house about 1 km away and I never thought anymore about it although there must have been some missing time as everyone was sitting down eating their Sunday roast and my parents and grandparents told me off for being so late and they asked were I had been etc and I never mentioned anything to them about what I had seen.
In the summer of 1979 when I was living at Somerton one evening I visited my next door neighbour and we sat in her kitchen and we began to talk about ufo’s and all of a sudden I had a premonition and I said to her a flying saucer is now going to land inside the Bex Factory at Dudley Park on the lawns on the Pym Street side of the factory and next day it was all over the news that there was a circle patch on the lawn at the Bex Factory and I think Colin Norris conducted the investigation and one or two guys out jogging on the same evening reported a strange light in the sky and coming down over the Dudley Park area at the same time I had the premonition.
In 1994 I was working down on the south coast. I had to serve some papers on a man who worked as the night watchman for the Sealink Ferries at Cape Jervis. Back then he lived inside a small Atco hut on a property at Cape Jervis. I located him via his employer and on the morning in question he had driven with his young teenage daughter to Victor Harbor to do some shopping which his landlady told me so I decided to kill some time so I drove back up the hill to the Cape Jervis Tavern and general store were I bought some food to eat and I decided to wait for him to return back home so I could serve the papers to him which he did about 2 hours later.
I made a quick call to my mother from a nearby public phone box and as I was talking to my mother I was looking over the coast across Back Stairs Passage and a ufo flew past with no sound hugging the coast at very low altitude about 100 feet above the cliffs and it was a silver grey colour with a dome on top and I could see port holes on the side of the space craft. I would estimate it’s speed to be about 80 to 100 kph and my duration of the sighting was about 15 to 20 seconds and it then started to fly out to the sea in a south east direction towards Cape Willoughby. I could see for a few seconds what appeared to be beings inside near the porthole windows. It was in my estimation about the size of a mini bus and the approximate time of the sighting was about 1100 hrs.
Further sightings
I will share a few more ufo sightings that I seen back in September 1965, 1971/72 and from a mate in 1988.
The sighting in September 1965 occurred when my brother and I and another young friend  left a play ground situated on the corners of Harrison Road and Simpson Avenue, Renown Park in the late afternoon approximately at 1630 hrs. We walked to the corners of Wright and Lamont Streets and we looked towards the southern sky in the direction of Rowley Park and my brother was the first to sight an orange glowing oval shaped object low in the southern sky and static or stationery then my friend and I both seen the same ufo and it remained stationery or hovered for about 30 seconds then it moved to the east towards the Adelaide CBD then it  shot vertical into the sky at very high speed and vanished in thin air.
In 1971/72 on a Sunday cold winters night my brother was driving along the main north road  passing through Para Hills with my mother and I in the car driving in southerly direction at about 1900 / 1930 hrs and I was sitting in the back seat of the car and in the distance in a paddock on the east side of the Main North Road or about 600 to 800 metres off the aforesaid road I could see small bright orange lights that appeared to be port holes and I could make out what appeared to be a round flat object with small people / beings? standing outside of this object. I brought this to the attention of both my mother and brother and my brother and I were going to drive closer to investigate it and my mother said no keep driving and we did. I do not recall any missing time however when we all arrived back home at Somerton we all felt very tired.
After I left MSS I commenced my own guard and patrol company in Adelaide  and some time in 1988 one of my patrolmen ex British SAS was driving south along the Lonsdale road passing Shiedow Park at approximately 0400 hrs and he said he could see in his rear view mirror of the patrol car a bright single light travelling at high speed as he first thought it was a motorcycle and within a very short time the same bright and silent light flew over the top of the patrol car at a very low altitude also travelling south until it was out of sight. It was either late Autumn or Winter 1988 as the weather was cold and on that night / early morning it was cold with a few showers. He said he accelerated up to 150 kph and the same object was still way ahead of him.
End note
I wish to thank Jim for coming forward and giving permission for the above details to be published. For a 2005 catalogue of reported Australian abduction cases, click here. 


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